News and events

On October 20 we will perform Return to Battleship Island at the Radical Space Conference, Keynote, University of East London, Docklands, 2.30 pm.

And on November 5 at the The Garage Studio, University of Worcester, Worcester 4 pm.

To date, we have given the following performances:

Hashima 1: Performing Monstrosity in the City, Queen Mary University, London, September 2012

Hashima 2: Asian Studies Conference, San Diego, March 2013

Hashima 3: Association of American Geographers, Los Angeles, April 2013

Hashima 4: Department of Geography, Exeter University, May 2013

Hashima 5: Monsters and the Monstrous Conference, Prague, May 2013

Hashima 6: Post-Traumatic Landscapes Conference, Sheffield, May 2013

Hashima 7: East Asian Societies in Transition: Challenges and Connections, Nottingham, September 2013

Return to Battleship Island: Foundry Studio Theatre, Film and Television Seminar Series, Aberystwyth, October 2013

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