As the island slowly loses its battle to stay still amongst the chaotic forces around and below it, there remains movement. Bodies moving in the shadows, against gravity. The pink hollow mannequin body moves gracefully across the island, from sea level to the highest levels looking over the ridge of the coal-bearing rocks protruding through the sea and the earth. What moves this body, who moves it? Like silent shadows objects are moving, for what purpose? What are they looking for? Is she seeking a higher power, a deity to make sense of what has become of her island, or is she escaping the intruders on the island. Free from the force of gravity what can she achieve? Place and time lose meaning as forces constantly change in the fight for continued movement, the fear being that with stillness, brings death.


Image by Tong Lam, reproduced with permission. See


Photo by Carina Fearnley 2013

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